Kabli beach – a beach holiday in Estonia

Tuisuliiva Holiday House is situated on beloved Kabli beach. This sandy beach with its astonishing sunsets has been one of the favourite holiday places in Estonia throughout times.

Just about twenty metres away from Tuisuliiva Holiday House there is a Beach Cafe, children’s playground, ball game fields and a promenade that meanders on the beach and meadow. There is also a skate park open for the youth in the vicinity of the complex.

There is much to do in Kabli off-season as well. This coast is a stopping place for migratory birds and in spring and autumn their singing fulfils all the neighbouring beach meadows. You can watch this wonderful sight from August to November from the bird watching towers of Kabli Birdstation that is situated just a couple of hundred metres from Tuisuliiva.

This is also the starting point for a 1.8 km nature study and hiking trail. The path runs along the beach, beach meadow, where in summertime sheep and highland cattle are kept, and along the seaside pine forest. In addition to animals and birds, you can also observe rare plant species, varied landscapes, different biotypes and key biotypes that are characteristic to the coast areas of South-West Estonia. There is Kabli nature centre and information point on the path, which provides valuable information about holiday facilities in the neighbourhood and offers a possibility to look at exciting exhibitions on nature.