Activities in the neighbourhood

RMK Kabli Nature Centre

Thanks to the nature centre there is much to do in Kabli also after the beach season. From nature centre you can get valuable information about nature holidays and see exciting exhibitions on nature.

Kabli Nature Study and Hiking Trail

The trail starts beside Kabli Birdstation, which is located almost beside Tuisuliiva complex. The hike on a 1.8 km trail takes about 1-1.5 hours, which makes it also suitable for small children. The path runs by an educating nest box area, bird watching towers and a beach meadow that serves as a pasture for sheep and highland cattle. In addition to animals and birds, you can also observe rare plant species, varied landscapes, different biotypes and key biotypes that are characteristic to the coast areas of South-West Estonia.

Kabli Birdstation

The veil nets of Kabli Birdstation catch the attention of every road user, who drives to Kabli village. These nets have been used to catch birds and study their migration about 40 years. In addition to birds, the migration of bats, dragonflies and butterflies is also studied. The bird station works regularly from the middle of August to the beginning of November. During this time and on mutual agreement it is also possible to get acquainted with the research work. There are two bird watching towers by the Birdstation.

Kabli Bakery

Kabli bakery cannot be called a traditional sight, but is sure worth visiting! Delicious, on site baked pies are a dream for everybody who loves sweets and pies. The bakery is situated just a 5-10 minute walk away from Tuisuliiva.

Ainaži Town

Older people still remember times when Ainaži was called Heinaste and belonged to Estonian territory. The town is the second largest town on this coast besides Pärnu and there you can find shops, an ATM and dining facilities. There is a museum in the old building of Ainaži sea school, which gives an overview about the former shipmasters, ships and voyages of this coastline. Ainaži Fire Museum, seawall and sand beach are other sights of the town.


Similarly to Kabli, Häädemeeste is also known for its sailing ship history, the memory of which is kept alive with statues, fancy wooden houses of former captains and family graves in the local cemeteries. The best carrier of old voyage and ship building stories is Häädemeeste Museum. Häädemeeste churches (Lutheran and Orthodoxian) are other sights of the village. You can also visit Suurküla and its extensive beach meadow. This is the place where Häädemeeste village started. On the river close to the village, one of Estonian first long-distance yachts “Julie” was built, which was set afloat in the creek of a currently non-existing small river. The farm houses of Suurküla are with a 100 year history and they are tidied with care and love. Beach meadows beside the village are under protection and in addition to numerous birds, these meadows are also pastures for horses. You can find several rare plants on the meadows and in spring and autumn the whole coast is full of migrating or nesting birds. When walking to the sea along the river, the bird lovers will also find a bird watching tower there. Ask more information about nature excursion from Kollamaa Holiday House in Suurküla.

Rannametsa-Tolkuse Nature Study Trail stats from a parking lot beside Via Baltica road. The trail is 2.2 km long and runs across Tolkuse bog, high sand dunes and ends in Tornimäe. There you can find a 15 metre observation tower, the platform of which overlooks Häädemeeste beach meadow from the one side and Tolkuse bog on the other side. If the weather is good, you can even notice Kihnu island from the tower. The roadside across the parking lot has a nice place to have a picnic and make a log fire.

The aim of Laiksaare Study Trail (1.5 km) is to introduce the floodplain forests and characteristic plant groups that are quite rare in Estonia. During the hike you will have to cross three foot bridges and fallen trees and climb along the side of the river. In the middle of the trail there is a small forest hut with a fireplace.

Rae Lake and Hiking Trail. Rae lake is a beloved fishing and a nice bathing spot on hot summer days. Here you can find everything for a nice holiday in nature – a parking lot, latrine, fire and picnic places, attractions for children, swings and study trail. The length of the hiking rail is 1.7 km. From the observation tower on the trail, you can spot halcyon birds as well as beavers, who are active on the opposite shore.

Nigula Nature Reserve includes 6,400 ha of swamps, forests and meadows. There are several hiking trails and observation towers established there in order to give the visitors chance to get acquainted with the untouched nature. The length of Nigula bog study trail is 6.8 km and it will take about 3-4 hours to pass the trail. The trail runs across Nigula bog and by the great bog lake.

Tennis in Lepanina Hotel. Two artificial grass tennis courts of Lepanina Hotel are perfect for summer tennis matches!

You can use a bike to get acquainted with the sights nearby. There is a bike rental in Kosmonautika Holiday Resort, which is situated just 2 km away from Tuisuliiva.

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